Payroll FAQs

Hiring a payroll service is a very important decision. You need to partner with an organization you can trust. We’ll help you begin making an informed decision with this FAQ list:

What options do you provide for submitting and receiving


As a Reliance Payroll customer, you have the option to submit your payroll information through our website, via fax, email or even phone. When we process your payroll, you can change from live payroll checks, direct deposits or even remote check printing.

How can I review my payroll records?

Your payroll reports can be mailed to you, sent via email or accessed via our secure website.

Will you penalize me for choosing my own payment


Reliance Payroll processes your payroll based on whatever schedule you prefer — weekly, monthly, bimonthly, semi-annually or even annually. We won’t drive you towards a schedule that is more convenient for us by obligating you to a monthly service fee. We charge you just for the payroll you process.

Do you have CPA oversight?

At Reliance Payroll, we have CPA-assistance and oversight for questions related to payroll tax matters. You can rest assured that complex issues will be researched and resolved by qualified personnel.

Will you monitor leave polices when calculating payroll?

Every organization has different policies related to vacation accrual, paid or personal time off, and sick or universal leave. Reliance Payroll will work as an extension of your payroll department to monitor your leave policies and bring inconsistencies to light.

Can you provide HR assistance outside payroll?

Often the small business owner who outsources their payroll processing doesn’t have the luxury of an in-house human resource person. For those organizations Reliance Payroll provides a simple HR program. Clients with routine questions are able to contact Reliance Payroll and gain assistance with simple insurance situations, like how to terminate an employee. Clients that require more advanced assistance, like writing an employee handbook, can purchase these add-on services from Reliance Payroll.

Can you help me get more value from my workman’s compensation insurance?

Paying your annual workman’s compensation insurance premium can be a budget-breaking experience for small business owners. Reliance Payroll Partners with The Hartford Company to allow you to make monthly payments against your premium, to avoid the sticker shock of an end-of-year payment and to help you more accurately purchase the coverage you need as the size of your payroll varies with seasonality and prosperity of your business.

Do you carry professional liability insurance?

Reliance Payroll carries professional liability insurance. As a professional services organization, we are obligated to follow set operating guidelines, procedures and policies. In the event of an unforeseen problem, your withholdings will remain secure and your tax payments will be paid according to schedule.

What if we already have an accountant?

Our goal as your payroll department is to work seamlessly with your other providers. Based on your request, we can work with your CPA, accountant and/or financial advisor to ensure that information is transferred smoothly and matters related to payroll are managed by your preferred providers.

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