Who made more money in 2012, at-home workers or traditional office workers?

At-home workers -- only half of whom are self-employed. The rest are working from home for their regular office job. Source: US Census Bureau

True or false: nearly 100% of small businesses use payroll direct deposit for their employees?

Alas, only 48% of small business owners take advantage of this payroll no-brainer. Even with revenues between $10-$20 million, 18% of business owners are passing out payroll checks. These are typically service companies -- which visit their banks over a dozen times a month.

What would people give up in order to work from home one day a week?

Lunches (35%), alcohol (25%) and even coffee (20%) were some of the suggestions offered in a recent poll. Source: Wakefield Research, 2012.

How does outsourcing HR make the in-house HR staff more productive?

They are relieved from essential, yet nonproductive HR activities such as:

  • Unemployment claims administration
  • COBRA administration
  • Inquiry responses
  • Health insurance and benefits administration
  • Payroll administration
  • Tax filing and payments

How much does employee fraud and abuse cost the average organization?

About 6% of annual revenues. Source: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

What are some advantages of online onboarding?

In addition to letting the new recruit onboard in advance so they're ready to hit the ground running on their first day (optional but extremely attractive), the online option can:

  • Create a positive new hire experience
  • Enhance your brand
  • Ensure legal and policy compliance
  • Improve employee retention
  • Simplify management of what used to be a complex process with easy-to-use tools

What are the top 5 financial benefits to outsourcing Reliance HR?

Typically, you'll see reductions in:

  • Workers' Comp premiums
  • Health insurance costs
  • Reduction in administrative costs
  • HR systems and infrastructure
  • Decreased recruiting / employee retention costs

True or false, when times get tough, fewer folks file employment-related lawsuits?

False. In fact, there's a direct correlation between tough economic times and spikes in the number of people who decide to sue the boss.

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