Oursource HR

It's time to Outsource HR.

Today, not tomorrow. Your desk and Inbox are already overflowing with HR matters, which can take up to 40% of your time. But if you need to convince your Board, allow us to point out that...

Hiring shouldn't hurt business.

Screening applications is largely a job of numbers; that is, hours to weed out large numbers of inappropriate applicants while bringing candidates into the interview funnel. Outsource HR and save your workforce for income-producing work.

And note that monitoring responses from each source should inform you where to give priority placement, for maximum return on your next hire.

Payroll doesn't have to be a pitfall.

If you're not paying employees, vendors and taxes electronically, you're losing money on processing alone. When it comes to payroll -- including timely payments with accurate deductions for taxes, insurance and other benefits -- the simplest, best solution is to make a single monthly ledger entry for Payroll, and have Reliance Payroll handle it all.

And note: paper payroll checks cost you about $3 each internally, invite abuse and says "This company's struggling to catch up."

Compliance shouldn't be complex.

Yes, you can do HR in-house. But odds are, your staff will spend thousands of hours on hiring, payroll, benefits, payroll taxes, IT interface, employee questions and more. And in the end, there's no guarantee you won't still be legally exposed to HR, EPL or OSHA litigation.

A better idea? HR outsourcing.

Reliance Payroll HR should be your next hire.

Cost-effective, experienced, accurate and experienced, we focus in two directions at once - your books and your employees - to make sure the first are properly reconciled and the second feel taken care of and are ready to do their best for you.

It may be a smart time to outsource YOUR company's HR--let's talk. Call us at 678-205-8593 or fill out the form, below, for a FREE, no-hassle consultation.

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