You have a single chance to give each new hire a great first impression. Let Reliance help you provide ensure that it is. Complete, consistent and largely online, their onboard experience will empower your new hires to engage with your staff more rapidly, ensuring...

A good first day. A good first 90 days.

First, of course, there's the paperwork. No question unanswered, no document unsigned. We ensure corporate compliance through electronic data collection and automatic dissemination of enrollment forms, employment agreements and corporate documents.

Where there are choices, we make them clear.

No two people are the same, so there's no reason to expect any two benefit packages to be identical. From wanting to put the maximum into a 401(k) each year, to needing a paycheck split as court-ordered, employee choices of insurance, pre-tax Cafeteria 125 plans, and flexible medical and education spending plans are extremely individual and important. We can ensure that data collection is correct and complete.

One portal, one point of contact, one 24/7 source.

There was a time that new hires would have to make an appointment with the HR specialist. Now, we're available 'round the clock. Time was, if the door was closed, they would wait till the specialist was free. Now, the portal never closes and help is always available. As a result, new hires know they can resolve issues whenever it's convenient. In the meantime, our on-site orientation specialist ensures that their job description, plan of objectives and responsibilities, credentials, passwords, and computer and phone access are ready and right the first time.

Following up to ensure success.

After 90 days, we solicit feedback from the employee and from their supervisor, then address issues of concern and note accomplishments, helping to ensure that all parties are secure with the employee, their role and the path ahead.

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