Mentoring & Coaching Current HR Staff

Mentoring & Coaching Current HR Staff

Is morale down? Do you have some difficult issues? Are you introducing a new corporate policy? Are employees coming with concerns? How does your HR staff handle these and many other issues? Like the pros you need them to be, if they have...

A hotline to your HR solutions.

When it comes to Human Resources, yes, it can be this simple. Via online chat or phone conversations, we can help your HR staff walk through and rehearse the corporate policies that comprise your company's public positions.

Problems aren't the end of the world unless they're

handled badly.

Have your HR staff practice answering thorny questions, field potentially embarrassing issues, and think through the HR ramifications of corporate policies, so they'll always have the next answer ready in advance.

Better employee communications - better.

When morale is low, that's the cue for your HR staff to step up to the plate in terms of quality, quantity, character and candor in corporate communications. People can handle just about anything, as long as they have a reasonable understanding of what to expect, and why.

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