Meet Our Team

Reliance Payroll, LLC is a full-service outsourced payroll and human resources consulting firm.

Meet Our Staff:

Mary Smith

As Reliance Payroll’s HR and Payroll Manager, Mary’s Human Resource strengths are in employee performance improvement. She also has a strong background in creating compensation/reward systems, training programs and performance review programs. Mary enjoys helping owners and managers of companies develop programs in that improve employee performance and processes that boost work functions. That can include developing ways to streamline work flows, helping develop policies to reduce employee dissatisfaction, creating training programs to improve work skills, employee coaching and helping owners /managers understand HR functions that help their business. Mary’s clients report significant time savings once she takes over their payroll function. She enjoys working in the yard and doing anything creative -- allowing her to shift her focus away from numbers, deadlines and legalities.

Gitika Bhatia

Payroll Specialist since 2008, Gitika maintains a perfect work life balance by helping clients with their payrolls and personal tax returns. She is the total professional even as she enjoys the flexibility of working from her home. Gitika has an in-depth knowledge of personal tax returns and payroll processing. In her spare time, she loves music and dance which relaxes her and, at the same time, give her renewed energy.