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You've pared down your short list. Now comes the challenge of negotiating, hiring and helping the right newcomer to become a successful part of your organization. Don't spend your productive time on these jobs. As your outsourced HR specialists, we're highly motivated to find, secure, onboard and orient the right people for you.

Leveraging the buyer's market.

Now is an excellent time to hire. With careful consideration of objectives and budget, top talent may be available and appropriate.

Avoiding expensive misfires.

By one reckoning1, however, it costs over $7,000 in staff time and other expenses to replace a salaried employee, $10,000 to replace a mid-level employee, and $40,000 for a senior executive. Instead, rely on our experience to find, hire and onboard the right new employees the first time.

Working the workstation.

We see to it that the new hire finds their workstation stocked with everything from pens to calculator, keys to business cards. The phone and laptop or pad, complete with voicemail and email accounts, are set up, and an organizational chart, staff list and phone directory are at hand. In short, we ensure that nothing to distract relatively expensive talent from the work they're about to be assigned.

Introducing the neighbors.

We provide staff members with the new hire's resume and job description, and recommend a meeting that includes sharing a description of their positions, ways their roles interact and how they might expect to work together. When appropriate, we assign a mentor or a buddy as an immediate resource about organizational culture and goals, and follow up at 30-day intervals and prior to semi-annual reviews.

Multiplying the benefits.

Did you know that when times get tough, employment-related lawsuits go up? This is the right time to insulate your company by outsourcing not only HR, but all new hires. We can help you comply in any number of areas, from updating orientation materials to handling complaints; from auditing employee records to creating and implementing OSHA compliance safety plans; from training managers to auditing HR policies. Reliance Payroll can help each new hire -- and current staff -- feel right at home when they come to work.

Footnote:  1 Source: Recruiting Times

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