Employee Training & Development

Employee Training & Development

From navigating new HR legislation to handling new equipment, from incorporating new manufacturing procedures to initiating new social marketing channels, a company is like a living plant. And while your focus is above-ground, driving revenue, our focus is on maintaining a healthy root system, where you can depend on Reliance HR to be...

Keeping all your people growing.

Training is key to excellence. Development is essential for innovation. Reliance HR specializes in both training and development, freeing your ops team to focus on your own operations. We will design a program that expressly meets your needs - coupled with follow-up assessments and monitoring to assure continued success.

Management training? Mandatory.

Training is the fastest, most effect way to ensure internal compliance from the top down, in everything from harassment to safety and other policies. This minimizes corporate exposure in the unfortunate case of an event. Remember, the one thing that's 100% predictable about people is that they're unpredictable.

In addition, better-trained managers means better management, resulting in higher productivity, superior problem resolution and lower turnover.

Employee training? Ensured.

A wealth of research shows that online learning coupled with classroom experience results in the fastest, most effective training. So whether you need to train salespeople or managers, service workers or teleresponders, outsourcing their training to Reliance HR makes good business and financial sense.

Not only is Reliance HR more cost-effective than developing your own internal training program, but our employee training includes periodic online performance monitoring, which reduces your manager workloads.

Training and development? Done.

Your staff can train off-site, without distractions, where the focus can be intense and the duration is generally shorter. Or on-site, in real time, where actual incidents and interruptions turn theory into fact - and invaluable experience.

Rely on Reliance HR, with our ability to custom-tailor a program to your needs, rather than burdening your staff or creating new positions to fill, brief and bring up to speed.

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