Employee Handbooks & Policies

Employee Handbooks & Policies

Reliance Payroll has significant experience helping clients articulate their company policies by creating clear and easy-to-understand handbooks. By publishing a handbook you can prevent or address issues before they become true problems in areas such as:

  • Use of company property
  • Alcohol/drug use
  • Anti-compete clauses
  • Employee leave policies

Developing Your Employee Handbook & Policies

A well-developed company handbook is vitally important to help shape your corporate culture and prevent problems that can impact company productivity. Your employee handbook should clearly outline and document the duties and expectations of employees; the authority and policies of the employer; employee benefits, workplace guidelines; and processes, policies and procedures.

We can also help you document one-off policies that clearly articulate for your employees the type of behavior you expect as a representative of your company.

The biggest benefit of an employee handbook is that it enables you to focus on running your business rather than putting out internal fires. You also are assured policy uniformity which helps minimize employee/employer disputes because a well-written handbook reduces questions related to what is the policy.

Your handbook allows new employees to on-board quickly so they can grasp and adapt to the corporate culture in no time. Current employees and managers will have a playbook that will soon become second nature. This minimizes misunderstandings and acts as an invaluable resource if you ever are required to prepare a defense against litigation (including harassment and discrimination claims).

An employee handbook produced by Reliance Payroll also helps you increase efficiency and productivity by fostering a working environment governed by fair and consistent rules. Handbooks typically address the following topics:

- Nature of the Employment Relationship: Employment law compliance items such as at-will employment, full-time/part-time/contract, Equal Employment Opportunity, etc.

- Work Rules and Standards of Conduct: Covers workplace behaviors such as sexual and other workplace harassment, attendance, conflicts of interest, use of social media, etc.

- Appropriate Use of Property Belonging to the Company: Sets expectations as to appropriate use of company property such as technology use; security policies, handling of confidential and proprietary information, etc.

- Employment Status and Records: Covers events that impact an employee's information or status such as employment records, performance evaluations, internal transfers, etc.

- Payroll and Timekeeping: Documents how and when employees are paid. Also includes information about breaks and meal periods.

- Time Off and Leaves of Absences: Defines the company's time off and leave of absence policies - including delicate subjects such as bereavement.

- Employee Benefits: Describes both health and welfare benefits as well as any fringe benefits the company provides.

Why try to tackle this business critical tool yourself when you can turn to Reliance Payroll and put our years of experience to work for you? We'll incorporate best practices we have researched through the years to produce a handbook that creates an excellent impression of your company, differentiates you from the competition, and protects you against loss of productivity and expense due to conflicts within your company.

Stay focused on operating your business and we'll make sure your company's employee handbook and policies help build a vibrant workforce aligned with your philosophies and goals. Simply fill out the information below to get started.

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