Direct Deposits

Payroll Direct Deposit

Reliance Payroll Direct Deposit makes paying your employees safe, fast and easy while saving you time and money.

Direct deposit eliminates paper checks because we'll deposit your employees' pay electronically into their individual accounts. It is extremely convenient for your employees who no longer have to pick up their checks and travel to their bank.

Direct deposit benefits include:

  • An average savings of about $3.00 per employee payment
  • No need to sign and distribute checks
  • Eco-friendly because it eliminates the need for paper checks
  • Reduces the risk of fraud because it ensures payment goes directly into the employee's account
  • Rapid check reconciliation because you can reconcile direct deposits on pay day
  • Control of the date of funds withdrawal from your business account and confirmation of the date the funds are deposited into employee accounts
  • Lost or damaged check replacement becomes a thing of the past
  • Easy-to-read vouchers with earning statements including deductions, taxes withheld and the amount deposited into the employee's account.

Almost 80% of all US companies use direct deposit because it is the least expensive and most popular employee benefit available. Isn't it time to offer this benefit to your employee and to yourself?

Reliance Payroll Makes Setting Up Direct Deposit Easy

Setting up direct deposit with Reliance Payroll is quick and easy. We'll meet with you to obtain the information we need to set up and execute direct deposit flawlessly. You will work with a single point of contact from start through implementation to ensure a smooth transition to direct deposit. We'll provide you with what you need to inform your employees of their new direct deposit benefit so they will embrace it and enjoy the convenience and security of the new way to receive their pay.

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